Spicy and delicious sauces add taste to your food:

Are you looking for grocery stores to purchase grocery items for your home? Look no further than Dadaji wonder word items. There are several grocery products like Dadaji sauce, Dadaji premium soya sauce, Dadaji premium mustard sauce (kasundi), Dadajicapsico sauce, Dadaji Chili Garlic sauce, Dadaji premium red chili sauce, Dadaji premium green chili sauce.

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About the products:

  • Dadaji sauce:

The Sauce is a French word. It comes from the Latin word salsa. The Sauces are an essential component in cuisines across the world. The Dadajis sauce is best in every aspect like taste, flavor.

  • Dadaji premium soya sauce:

Soya beans are the main ingreidents of soya sauce.You can get this from fermented paste of soya beans.People use this sauce as a dip in cooking.

You can eat this soya sauce with rice, noodles, sushi, etc. It can be kept at room temperature. Soya sauce known as tamari.

  • Dadajipremium mustard sauce (kasundi):

You can mix bruised mustard seeds with water, vinegar, lemon juice, wine,salt or other liquids.You can prepare a paste in colour from bright yellow to dark brown.

  • Dadajicapsico sauce:

Capsico is the fiery sauce. It is also known as peeper sauce. Dadaji capsico sauce is high stand quality and good quantity.

  • Dadaji Chili Garlic sauce:

There are many ingredients are needed to make chili garlic sauce like garlic, red chili pepper, sugar, shallots, salt for tasting.

  • Dadaji premium red chili sauce:

Red thin chili is required to prepare sauce. Dadajis red chili sauce is natural and its aroma is awesome.

  • Dadaji premium green chili sauce:

At first, you have to take green chili and wash, dry and de-stem the chilies. Then make it paste for cooking. You can add some salt with paste.


  • Sauce is required to prepare other foods or dishes.
  • These are all chemical-free.
  • On the other hand, these all grocery items are free from gluten.
  • In other words, people use these sauce in preparing different types of food like chow mien, chicken items.
  • These have anti-allergenic properties.
  • On the other hand, all these grocery products are free from harmful pesticides.
  • Soya sauce is rich in acid- hydrolized vegetable protein.
  • In other words, these grocery items have antioxidant properties.

Use of these products:

Soya sauce is soaked in water. The, you can boil it in water before cooking. On the other hand, seeds of this soya sauce is used as fertilizer and animal eats this seed. If you want to use other sauces, it can be very great job for you. Taste:

The taste of the sauces are natural.

Hence; being an author, I would recommend you to get in touch with dadaji wonder word grocery store to get amazing grocery items, that have brand value and quality based product.

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