Social Commerce can Maximise your Sales Revenue Faster in 2020

Social Commerce is the latest buzzword in the current world where almost everything has become digital. The average time spent on social media is rising day by day and almost all successful businesses have a social media presence. Whether you are a social media expert or a total newcomer, you can always join the party. If you have not yet created a social media presence, you are missing out on a great opportunity. But the good news is: “It is never too late”!

What Is Social Commerce And How Is It Different From Social Media Marketing?

Social commerce is a business that takes place on a social media platform. While social media marketing redirects users to an online store or app, social commerce helps them to checkout directly within the network they are using at the moment.

Advantages Of Social Commerce:

  • Helps to get more happy customers and build customer trust: This technology helps customers to read reviews posted by others before hitting the ‘buy’ button. This helps them to be more satisfied and make accurate purchase decisions.
  • It boosts average order value: It helps customers to shop directly from where they are. In 2020 where the entire world is operating through digital platforms, social commerce is a big hit. It increases the average revenue generation of your store.
  • Reach a global audience: Social media campaign has no geographical boundaries. People from all over the world discuss their interests on social media and you can tailor-made your ads to target your customers.
  • Quick and simple platform: It helps customers to buy directly without redirecting to a different website where they have to fill a long form every single time.

Top Platforms to Target for this Campaign:

  • Facebook: With nearly 2.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest player. Creating a Facebook store helps to connect your e-commerce store and your FB profile. You can even allow your customers to check out directly when they click on the ‘buy now’ button without having to redirect them to a different website.
  • INSTAGRAM: Instagram has a higher order value than any other social commerce site. From creating lucrative posts and stories or even a shopping channel in the apps explore section, Instagram has covered it all. Not only this, collaborating with social media influencers is a classic win-win situation as they already have a huge following around them and can impact the buying decisions of customers.
  • PINTEREST: This is another valuable social commerce platform. Businesses can sell their products through Pinterest by using Rich Pins. It is an organic pin that shows additional information directly on the pin with updated information from the websites they came from. In addition to this, Pinterest also offers buyable pins to make a purchase directly within the platform.

Apart from the above-mentioned portals, you have a host of other platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, etc to take your brand to a new zenith!

Tips from Our Expert in 2020:

Your audience is already spending most of their time on social media platforms. The most logical thing to do will be to take advantage of the situation and start by selling through channels they are most engaged with. Get your Social Media Campaign started today and watch your sales boost rapidly!


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