How to Use “Google My Business” to Boost Your SERP

The website is your online address that represents your identity in this virtual world. But what if your website lacks visibility and all your marketing efforts go to vain? You need some proper optimization strategies to appear in searches so that your business gets multiple clicks and traffic! Among all the other methods of Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business can help to a great extent if proper listing and complete data are fed! In fact, according to the Best SEO Company, there can be 7x times increased traffic on your website with proper and complete Google My Business listing!

Ways to use Google My Business for an Increased SEO!

If you want to increase your local ranking on Google, keep in mind the following points to get optimum results!

  • Complete Your Data-A complete Google my Business has the potential to bring in about 70% increased traffic to your business website as compared to less informed ones! Provide all the necessary credentials like address, contact details, attributes, categories, and other useful information regarding your business and keep updating it from time to time for higher search results!
  • AccuratelyEnter Your Business Operational Time- It is important to let the customers know regarding your availability to and accurate operational timings (including holidays and other events) to give them the confidence to travel up to you!
  • Location Verification To Boost Navigation- Google products like Maps and Searches verifies your location to link it with the best possible local search query. Always accurately mention your business location to increase your business SEO!
  • Photos And Images- Photo images give a clear picture regarding your location, goods, and services and help people to choose you over others. An SEO Company in India uses an attractive and colorful picture to convert local searches into potential buyers!
  • Respond to Reviews- Interaction is the best way to connect to the outside world and you can always be an active responder to show how much you value clients! You can always encourage your customers to leave feedback by providing them a link to land upon the review and rating panel!

How the Above Mentioned Data Are Used By Google to Determine Your Local Ranking


The more informative and complete your business listing is, the more convenient it is for Google to match it up with the searches and queries.


Google uses distance as a determining parameter to show up results. The accuracy of your business location will help you get better optimized results.


The more the popular a place/business is, the higher would be its ranking on the search engine. Some places are more publicly renowned in the offline world, and Google uses the popularity and reviews to determine the ranking! Google also uses information across the web like reviews, articles, links to score business in the local searches!


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