Google Lens – The New Marketing Trend in 2021!

Text searches were overshadowed by voice searches and the latter is now swept over by Image Search on the digital platform. The mobile camera is fast filling the gaps between the virtual world and real life. It is becoming the best translator that can convert images into text information. People find it effortless to scan an image and get the necessary information about the place, service, or product. “AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere”! And Google uses this AI to back its image search technique named Google Lens! In-built in most of the devices and also available as an app on the playstore, it can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere!

In 2017, at the I/O Developer conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that “Google Lens is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at and help you take action based on that”. The Google Lens for Visual Search is the latest marketing trend and is going to be even more popular in the coming years. After the failed attempt of Google goggles, the tech giant has come up with this new image search technique with full-proof advancement. It is time for all the business houses to gear up for the new trend and equip themselves with all the necessary requisites to help this AI technique to recognize them and display relevant information about them. An increased and detailed data can help rope in potential buyers and this promotional trend can change the face of your company!

Using Google Lens for Marketing

Google Lens is a visionary platform and so you can approach a Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata to help you use it cleverly to derive full benefits and optimum search results for your company.

Product Imaging– It is important to use a clear brand image, logo, or any other advertising media on the product to help the consumer capture a clear picture with complete clarity. This in turn will help the AI to accurately relate the image to your business information on the web.

MetaData– An image with an accurate description or metadata helps Image Search to identify you in the best way and connect the consumer to your brand!

Image Size– Image dimensions and size play a pivotal role in optimizing the Google Image Search results. Google favours images with normal and regular dimensions and also uses the other file data into account before popping up the results.

Number of Images– “The More, the Better”! If you want to be the true winner in the e-commerce segment, you need to saturate your website without enough images related to the products and services that you sell. This would enhance your chances of getting matched up with the instigated image searches by the customers.

With newer technologies onboard, we need to upgrade ourselves and our strategies to find success in this competitive world. Digital presence and visibility on searches can increase your business, generate leads for your company and give you swelling revenues!

Source: (Google YouTube Channel)

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