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Retail marketing is the process of selling products to customers. Retailers organize all promotional events of products or goods. Nowadays, they promote daily grocery items through the campaign. There are four elements of retail marketing Viz product, price, place, and promotion.

 As a retailer, if you want to sell the products, your first step will be inducing customers so that they purchase products or goods as well. During super bowl week, store promotional campaign is an essential matter for food items.

On the other hand, people prefer to buy products from an online grocery store instead of the retail market. They almost occupy the marketplace. They did not show any interest in the online store. They try to provoke customers in every possible way to their products or goods.

They know how to stand out from the crowd in the market for taking a high risk. Nobody can achieve anything overnight without hard work.

There are four types of retail marketing. Now I am going to describe all these types are as follows:

  • Internet marketing:

Internet marketing is an online platform where you can publish your products and service using digital mediums like desktop, mobile phone, laptop, etc. 

  • Direct marketing:

Direct marketing is a promotional process that includes with presentation regarding company, products, and services.

  • Word of mouth marketing:

This marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing. If customers value this method, marketers think it can be essential for them. This marketing strategy is different from other marketing methods. It includes blog posts, social media marketing, buzz, etc.

  • Public relations marketing:

Public relations is the mutual understanding between providers and customers. It is another marketing procedure that helps to transfer the products from producer to provider. At last, providers transfer products as per the requirements of consumers. 

In addition to that, Price value may differ from time to time in the retail market. But online supermarket always discounts on the products or goods. They come online stores to purchase products rather than the retail market. Online marketers know how to entice customers easily.

Now, I would suggest Eteleporters is one of the leading daily grocery online markets where you will get all types of grocery items at cost-effective prices.

You will differentiate the worth of productsbetween the retail market and the online marketplace.

 As an online marketplace, Eteleporters, are offering on daily grocery items named Dadaji products like –

  • Dadaji cocoa powder
  • Dadaji white vinegar
  • Dadaji red chili sauce
  • Dadaji green chili sauce
  • and other Dadaji items

They provide weekly bumper and gift items as well so that they can gain profit and generate leads as per the requirements of consumers.


Hence, being an Author I MRS. Tulika Mazumder wants to update the readers about online grocery store. If you have been looking online store, then get in touch with Eteleporters. It can be an extensive experience for you. 

Phone: +91 83369 15468

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